Doron Wolf

Doron Wolf born in Israel 1976,
lives and works in Haifa, Israel


2011-2012 M.F.A. department of visual arts, Haifa university, Israel

2006-2009 B.E.D “Oranim College Art Institute ” School of Fine Arts and education, Israel

Wolf is a figurative painter whose work focuses on classical themes such as portraits and still life with a contemporary perspective to light and the relationship between painting and photography. Presented in numerous exhibitions in Israel and around the world

Curriculum vitae

Artist Statement

In my work, I use snapshot photos, taken on my phone or camera, or download from the internet; these inspire me to create a painting utilizing traditional oil painting techniques. The paintings juxtapose an atmosphere of everyday household scenes with culturally-charged images from the worlds of art and pop culture. The light is electric and artificial, illuminating the subject while burning it at the same time. I look for lighting conditions that are either excessive or insufficient in a way that impairs viewing. The paintings investigate the human connection in a world of screens and applications, with how photography affects how people build their identity, with the visible and the internal. The results reflect the gap between photography and painting, between documenting a brief moment and exploring it. It reveals the delicate tension between sight and blindness, reflection and transparency, glare and flicker, connection, and failing to connect.